How to hide hair extensions in thin hair?

Do you have thin hair? Do you want to achieve a voluminous, thick lock? Hair extensions are your saviour. We know that it is a little difficult to blend your hair extensions with thin hair, especially when it comes to hiding the wefts and clips. Are you now wondering how to hide your hair extensions? Here are some hair extension tricks for thin hair.

  • Find a safe place for the wefts: Create a thick and firm base and clip the weft. This helps the weft to hold on to something without sliding. This will not only prevent tugging on your hair but also help weft to stay secure in place.
  • Twist: Take a section of your hair at the nape of your neck from one side to the other. Twist your hair and place the hair against your head using a pin. Now, clip the wefts to the twist so that it hides the thin and short hair.
  • Back-combing: Those of you with thin hair must try to comb your hair back to hide your wefts and clips. Focus on the root section of your hair and work downwards until you find the weft which is now placed at the highest point on the head.
  • Layer them: If you have naturally layered hair, add layers to your hair extensions too to see the difference. Rather than giving a good cut to your hair extension, clip them into your hair while undergoing a haircut for your natural hair. This will help you know where each weft has to be clipped in for the future uses.
  • Style your extensions: Though straight hair looks amazing, wavy or curled styles look more natural. Therefore, to make sure that your natural hair and the extensions flow into one another, wrap them both together around a curling iron and create curls.

Try these tips as they will help you blend your hair extensions with your natural hair and achieve seamless and natural look. If you have other tricks on blending hair extensions with natural hair, let us know. At, we love sharing information with you and learning new tricks from you.


3 thoughts on “How to hide hair extensions in thin hair?

  1. Jack Titchener says:

    I like your idea of twisting and then clipping to the weft. My sister has been thinking about getting hair extensions for the first time and could use a few pointers on how to hide them. If that doesn’t work we’ll have to consider your other hair tips!

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