Difference between synthetics, Remy, processed and unprocessed extension hair

What is right for your hair? Maybe all. Every hair extension has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the budget, time and needs, you have to choose a right hair extension for your natural hair. We provide you with some facts that will help you know what hair extension is best for you.

Synthetic extension hair:

In the recent years, the technological advances have led synthetic hair to come a long way. Synthetic hair almost feels like human hair. One of the biggest advantages of synthetic hair is that it can be worn right out of the box with little or no styling. However, it lacks in versatility. Synthetic hair cannot be styled in different ways, unlike human hair. This hair extension is less durable. With the right care, you can expect synthetic hair to last for about 4-6 months. Ensure to follow the care recommendations in order to get the maximum benefits of synthetic hair extension.

Remy extension hair:

This is one of the most popular types of human hair due to its affordable pricing and high-quality. Remy hair extension is created by collecting hair from different donors and is further processed. This processed makes it distinguish remarkably from virgin hair. Remy hair is more flexible than synthetic hair and can withstand heat when you straighten, flat iron or even when colour your hair. Well-cared remy hair will last up to 1 year. This processed extension hair are used for lace front wigs and high-quality wigs besides being used as hair extension

Virgin hair:

Virgin hair is also known as unprocessed extension hair. This type of hair extension is not dyed, coloured, bleached, permed or chemically processed. This means virgin hair comes from a single donor with all cuticles intact and going in the same direction. However, virgin hair is not easily available like processed hair extensions.

It is important to be extra careful while choosing the hair extension as it is hard to trace the quality of the hair. If you are unsure, make sure to get it checked by your professional stylist.  To learn more about hair extensions, keep logged into belcheveshop.com. We take the utmost pleasure in providing you with information.

Weave v/s clip-in extensions

Celebrities and socialites use hair extension to get the luxurious and long locks that people envy. Today, hair extensions have gone mainstream and is a popular item at hair salons across the world. Though many women are considering hair extensions, they are less aware if the extensions would blend well with natural hair. Here is the advantages of both weave hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions:

As the name indicates, with the help of clips, these hair extensions are attached to the natural hair. If you are looking for an easier and faster option to extend your hair, clip-in hair extensions serve as the best solution. Here are some of the pros:

  • Need for visiting the salon to fix the hair extension can be avoided as it can be easily applied at home
  • Price of clip-in hair extensions are relatively lower
  • Clip-in extensions suit many hair styles
  • They are the best solution for daily wear or a special evening
  • Additionally, they can be easily curled, straightened, and styled
  • As they are temporary fix on the hair, they cause very less damage to the hair


  • Clips can damage the hair if left for a longer time
  • Clips may look visible on windy days
  • Limited styling options as the clips may show up

Weave hair extensions:

When it comes to protective styles in the natural hair community, weave in hair extensions has been thriving business.


  • Weaves can make hair look like it’s growing from your scalp
  • Easy maintenance required
  • The risk of hair damage is quite low since no chemicals or glue is used
  • Natural looking and light weight


  • Installation of weave hair extension is very time consuming
  • Natural hair may be damaged due to braids being too tight
  • Installation can cause hair thinning and/or hair loss

Though hair extensions give you the liberty to change your looks, they can damage your hair if they are not installed properly. Therefore, consider pros and cons of both weave and clip–in hair extensions before you make the choice. Also, consult your trusted stylist for a better opinion. To read more about tips on using hair extensions, keep logged into belcheveshop.com.

How to hide hair extensions in thin hair?

Do you have thin hair? Do you want to achieve a voluminous, thick lock? Hair extensions are your saviour. We know that it is a little difficult to blend your hair extensions with thin hair, especially when it comes to hiding the wefts and clips. Are you now wondering how to hide your hair extensions? Here are some hair extension tricks for thin hair.

  • Find a safe place for the wefts: Create a thick and firm base and clip the weft. This helps the weft to hold on to something without sliding. This will not only prevent tugging on your hair but also help weft to stay secure in place.
  • Twist: Take a section of your hair at the nape of your neck from one side to the other. Twist your hair and place the hair against your head using a pin. Now, clip the wefts to the twist so that it hides the thin and short hair.
  • Back-combing: Those of you with thin hair must try to comb your hair back to hide your wefts and clips. Focus on the root section of your hair and work downwards until you find the weft which is now placed at the highest point on the head.
  • Layer them: If you have naturally layered hair, add layers to your hair extensions too to see the difference. Rather than giving a good cut to your hair extension, clip them into your hair while undergoing a haircut for your natural hair. This will help you know where each weft has to be clipped in for the future uses.
  • Style your extensions: Though straight hair looks amazing, wavy or curled styles look more natural. Therefore, to make sure that your natural hair and the extensions flow into one another, wrap them both together around a curling iron and create curls.

Try these tips as they will help you blend your hair extensions with your natural hair and achieve seamless and natural look. If you have other tricks on blending hair extensions with natural hair, let us know. At Belcheveshop.com, we love sharing information with you and learning new tricks from you.

How to Handle Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions transform your entire look by adding volume and length to your hair. They will also allow you to experiment with different colours and textures. You can also go from short to long and vice versa. To ensure this long-lived look, taking good care of your hair extensions are very important for both human and synthetic hair. We provide you with some of the tips on hair extension care and maintenance.

  • Washing: Handle your hair extensions just like your real hair. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to extend the life of the hair extensions. Additionally, before shampooing your hair ensure to detangle your hair from ends to the roots. Do not apply conditioner near the root area or near the attachments as it can loosen the bonds and make your extensions fall out. Regularly washing, moisturizing and detangling your hair extensions certainly help you maintain your hair in a better way.
  • Styling: Remember, heat is one of the hair’s biggest enemy. Therefore, the more you use it, the shorter your hair extensions will last. Allow your hair to dry naturally. Use a soft bristle brush while brushing your hair. Always brush the ends of your hair and when detangled, work your way up gently. Ensure to brush your hair extension in downward motion.
  • Avoid long exposure to chlorine and salt water: Chlorine and salt water causes the hair to tangle. Therefore, hair experts recommend the hair extension users to wear a swim cap as much as possible while swimming. Shampooing and conditioning your hair immediately after swimming is one of the best practices.
  • Dry your hair before going to bed: NEVER sleep on wet hair. Make sure that your hair is dry before you hit the sack. Tying your hair together in a ponytail to prevent tangling and this is considered to be a good habit.
  • Don’t overuse hair styling products: A good leave-in conditioner can keep your hair soft. However, make sure that you do not over use it because hair care products can lead to tangling. Alcohol products must be strictly avoided because it can make your hair extensions dry. In addition, consult your stylist on what is best for your hair extensions.

Stay logged into belcheveshop.com and keeps reading our posts to know more on how to take care of your hair extensions.

How to sleep comfortably with hair extensions?

Sleeping with hair extensions in at night is something that you must not worry about. However, how you wear hair extensions at night is very important because we have little or no control over our sleep patterns. When you roll around in the bed, hair becomes tangled, knotted, and messy. Therefore, taking additional care is very important to avoid any kind of damage to your own hair or to your hair extensions.

Here are a few tips that you must follow before sleeping with your extensions in.

  • Do not go to bed with wet hair extension: Going to bed after a shower, especially on a tired day, can be very tempting. But, the dampness encourages your hair to rub against each other which can further cause breakage and damage. Therefore, ensure that your hair is dry and tangle-free before you go to bed. Note: If you are a night time washer, make sure that you wash your hair early enough while allowing it time to air dry.
  • Wear a loose braid to bed: After detangling your hair extension, wear loose braid to keep the hair neat. Well-tamed hair does not break.
  • Excessive heat on hair is not recommended: If you are in a rush at night and want to go to bed immediately after a hair wash, then blow-dry your hair with minimum heat. Also, use a heat protectant to avoid any damage on the hair. As heat causes stress on hair, using minimum heat is very beneficial for keeping the hair healthy.
  • Satin Pillowcase for hair extensions: Satin pillow case will prevent hair from matting and promotes less friction because of the smooth surface. Besides, satin pillowcases also keep your hair hydrated and helps in maintaining the hair its lustre as you sleep.

Following these steps will certainly make your hair easy-to-manage and will stay in a healthy condition when you are wearing them. These steps on wearing hair extensions at night are worth following to ensure that your hair extensions are beautiful all the time.

Keep yourself posted to Belcheveshop.com to know more on how to sleep with hair extension and have a good night’s sleep with full of sweet dreams.

How to put clip-in hair extension yourself for a short hair

Have you ever wondered how to grow long hair overnight? Well, we have the best and easiest solution to transform your hair from short to long, literally in minutes. Tape and clip-in hair extensions are magical answers.

Blending tape extensions or clip-in hair extensions with short hair and making them look natural can seem a little tricky. Here are a few tips and tricks that we will share with you that will help you look so natural that no one will be able to identify that you’re wearing one.

How to fix hair extensions for short hair?

Fixing hair extensions differ depending upon the thickness and thinness of your natural hair. Remember, not all hair extensions will work well with really short hair. In most instances, clip-in hair extensions and strand by strand fail to work well as they will show and won’t blend well along with short natural hair. The best hair extensions for short hair is tape extension because they are thin invisible wefts that blend along with your short hair. While purchasing hair extension for short hair, make sure you purchase 14-16 inch extensions. These hair extensions can be considered for short thin hair too.

Why is curling the hair extension along with short hair important?

One of the tricks while using hair extensions for short thin hair is to style your tresses with your extensions already clipped in. This significantly reduces your styling time and also helps you identify where your hair extensions need blending. In most instances, extensions look great when they are straightened. However, creating natural waves or curls will help the extensions blend in and look more natural in your hair. Additionally, curling or straightening your hair along with your hair extension, make your growing locks much more inclined to stick to the extension. These luxury hair extensions are available online with https://belcheveshop.com/.

Style your hair in the best possible way using our tips on how to get that natural looking long hair that you have always dreamt of. Stay logged into https://www.belcheveshop.com/awesome-tips/ and keep reading our posts on how to make best possible use of your hair extensions.

Five things to know before you get hair extensions

body wave extensions

Some of us have hair that just doesn’t grow past our shoulders and many others have flat ironed and coloured hair that leads to major breakages. To add on to this, we see images on social networking sites of gorgeous flowing heads of hair. However, if you feel that you need change your hairstyle and can’t wait for your hair to grow, hair extensions are an easy way to instantly add length and volume to your hair.

If you are considering to use hair extensions, here are 5 things that you must know.

  • What hair extension to choose? There are different types of hair extensions – human hair extension and synthetic hair extensions. The key to good looking hair is that they should perfectly blend with your own hair. Hair extensions are available in different forms – wavy, straight and curly. Choosing human hair extension is always an ideal choice. Further, based on the length of your hair, you can choose hair extensions that ranges from 14 inches to 24 inches. Therefore, choose the hair that will match your personal preference, your hair type and how much you want to spend. If you are looking forward to experiment with your hairstyles, clip-in hair extensions work best.
  • Is you stylist highly experienced? Before you go ahead and accept your stylist’s advice, check with him/her and make sure that he/she has enough experience with hair extensions. Inexperienced stylists will neither be able fit hair extensions properly, nor will they be able to suggest what type of extension suits you the best.
  • Does permanent hair extension cause serious damage your hair? Yes. Choosing permanent hair extensions will lead to headaches, baldness, scalp bleeding and patchy hair loss. Remember, hair extensions need to be treated just as your own hair. If you would want to stay away from risks and yet want to sport gorgeous looks, try clip-in hair extensions that you can place and remove any time you want.
  • Planning to buy hair from a salon? Do not buy your hair extensions from salon as they add hefty mark-up on the price. Therefore, it is better off buying your hair from a wig supplier or beauty shop. Additionally, buying clip-in hair extensions from the online portals can be considered. However, many people prefer to look, touch and feel the hair before they invest the same, especially when it is permanent hair extension.
  • Care for your natural hair: Do not neglect your natural hair. Always make sure that they are deeply conditioned. Neglect for your natural hair may lead you to develop traction alopecia.

If you are looking forward to reading more tips and tricks about hair extensions, stay logged into https://www.belcheveshop.com. Stay and look beautiful always!

What are the benefits of hair weave extensions

Hair Weave Extension

Getting a long and luxurious locks are easier now. Hair weave extensions have now gone mainstream and is a popular item at hair salons across the globe. Today, many women are experimenting with natural weave hair extensions in every length, colour and texture. Hair weaves today have become a way to introduce variety to your style repertoire, rather than just adding an inch or volume to your hair.

Let’s now see the benefits of weave extensions:

  • Low Maintenance: Hair extensions are perfect for time-crunched mornings. If you do not have enough time to style your hair and are looking for low-maintenance options besides a short hair, hair weave extensions are an ideal options. Choosing human hair weaves offer you more versatility than synthetics and they are easy to care for. Weave extensions are also great for vacation-hair. With hair extensions, you can keep your worries at bay and enjoy your trip.
  • Acts as a protective layer: As hair is typically braided close to the scalp, the extension takes care of the daily wear-and-tear ensuring that your natural hair is protected from your styling practices. Also, these hair extensions will project your hair from blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons or hot rollers.
  • Experimentation: Do you want to get your hair streaked or see how you look with your natural kinky locks? Hair weaves can help you do all of this and much more. These natural weave extension can also work well for natural-haired women who want a straight look without applying heat or relaxers.
  • Add instant length: Some women may have received a haircut that is shorter than they wanted or sometimes women with shorter hair may not want to wait for months for their hair to grow up to their desired length. With hair weave extensions available online, you will be able to get the length, without having to wait for your natural hair to grow. Available up to 30 inches, hair weave extension can help you get the desired length instantly.

The present day techniques have optimized hair matching to give a natural look to your hair. To know more about hair extensions, stay logged on to https://belcheveshop.com/.

Six Steps to Know How to Attach Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you are looking for a quick do-it-yourself hair extension method with no permanent bonding, clip-in hair extensions are an ideal choice. These clip-in human hair extensions can be attached to your hair in less than 5 minutes without any help from hair stylists, that too at home. Extensions will certainly help you change your look to the better.

Here are the six steps that on how to attach clip-in hair extensions:

  • Ensure that your hair extensions match – not only the colour but also the texture of your hair. Use large brush to give your hair the same loose waves just similar to the hair extension you choose. Besides, learning how to use a hair extension is also very important. Therefore, practice opening and closing the clips by applying pressure to each side of the clip with your thumbs.
  • Use your index fingers to separate your hair into upper and lower sections. Start parting it at your left temple and move across the back of your head in a straight line to the right temple. Then, secure your parted hair by using a claw clip or hair tie. Ensure that all clips on the hair weft are secured.
  • Firstly, attach the middle clip first. Then, make sure that your comb slides on the clip are attached onto your natural hair and snap shut. Check if the attachment is placed securely.
  • Repeat this process with the clips on the right and left side of the weft. Also, check if the weft lies flat along your scalp and feel secure.
  • Now, release the clipped hair and brush it well. Remember, some clip-in hair come in one large piece and others in multiple smaller pieces. If you are using multiple clip-ons, then attach them evenly, one-by-one by making horizons just an inch above the previously applied extension and repeat the aforementioned process.
  • Use mirror to make sure that there is no visible weft. At the end, hair straightener or curling iron can be used to style your hair extensions.

Give these tips a try and achieve seamless and natural look. If you have other tips or tricks on how to attach hair extensions, write to us on ‘[email protected]’. We would be happy to share tips with you and also learn from you.

Everything you need to know about straight clip-in hair extensions

straight clip-in hair extensions

Often people, including celebrities, wear hair extensions to make their hair appear thicker and longer which further enhances their looks. The beauty of hair extensions, especially straight clip-in hair extensions is that they look natural and blend with your natural hair.

Here are a few things that you need know about straight clip-in hair extensions:

  • Are clip-in hair extensions right for me?

We are very well aware that our hair thins as we grow older. Also, some are genetically prone to hair thinning. Clip-in hair extensions can certainly boost your confidence by providing you with longer, fuller, shinier locks which are the signs of youth. In addition, extension allows you to experiment with the colour of your hair without having to bleach your hair. Also, extensions play a vital role in adding length and ease your frustration, if you are desperately trying to grow your hair after a bad haircut.

  • Why choose clip-in hair extension?

Clip-in hair extensions are a great way of updating your look with no commitment. Furthermore, quality clip-in extensions lasts for two years if proper care is taken and are easy to put in and take out. As these clips can add volume and increase length to your hair, you can apply these luxurious hair extensions at home. Also, opting out for silicon covered clips will avoid any damage to your hair as they can be heat-styled – with curling iron or flat iron.  In addition, straight clip-in hair extensions are perfect for events like weddings and reunions. Ensure to shampoo the strands after every six uses.

  • Will clip-in extensions damage users’ hair?

Extensions do not damage your hair, if maintained properly. Make sure you first brush your own hair, immediately upon the removal of your extensions.

  • Can hair extensions be returned or exchanged?

Considering the sanitary and health concerns and regulations, returns and exchange are not accepted.

  • Caring tips:

The brilliant way of getting an ideal look is to choose hair extensions. As long as you follow easy tips, it is difficult to spot that they aren’t your natural tresses. Give them a little bath in your sink and dry them on a towel. Ensure to comb out all tangles before washing them. Do not go to bed with wet hair – make sure that your hair is totally dry before you hit the bed.

To know more about hair extensions, stayed logged into belcheveshop.com. We will provide you with all the information that you are looking for regarding the hair extension.